About Us

O!Panier embodies the vision of two entrepreneurs to offer turnkey gift baskets showcasing exclusively Quebecois products. Travelling throughout Quebec in search of small pleasures, we have curated a diverse selection of high-quality Quebecois products that are a delight to discover.

Our goal was to create a business that would propel other local businesses forward.

While such gifts are often reserved for corporate occasions, we wanted to make this concept accessible to everyone for any occasion. Whether it's for a unique gift, Mother's Day, an original Christmas present, a baby shower, a birth, retirement, or simply to say thank you to someone special, O!Panier is the go-to for turnkey gift concepts. From relaxation essentials to gourmet delights, and even our baby concept, everyone can appreciate receiving one of our baskets.

In addition to our desire to promote Quebec products, we also wanted to add a social mission to our project by having a positive impact in our community. This is why we became partners with the Victoriaville catch and trail organizations. Respectively they hire people in the context of social reintegration and disabilities who cut, paint and dye all our boxes.

By choosing O!Panier products, you are choosing to encourage a local economy, on a provincial scale, and you are supporting organizations in the beautiful Victoriaville region by allowing people who frequent these organizations to achieve their goals.

Sébastien and Annick.