Des paniers socialement responsables : la collaboration réussie avec le Centre Pour Handicapés Physiques Des Bois-Francs

Socially responsible baskets: the successful collaboration with the Center for Physically Handicapped Des Bois-Francs

As you probably know our company O! PANIER designs and sells gift baskets incorporating a set of Quebec products proudly transformed and manufactured by producers and processors from our beautiful province. Whether it is maple products, jellies, vinegars, coffee or spices, it reflects all the know-how we have in our beautiful province. But beyond all these good little treats, you need to have a container to accommodate these pretty gifts. For 6 years O! PANIER collaborates with the Center for Physically Handicapped Des Bois-Francs for the manufacture of its wicker baskets and wooden boxes, a great way to encourage both local production, but also an organization that promotes collective well-being . In this post, we will present to you the Center for the Physically Handicapped in Des Bois-Francs .

Creation, mission and activities of the organization:

The Center for the Physically Handicapped in Des Bois-Francs was established in 1974. Although it has changed addresses over the years, it now includes two production sites now located on rue Monfette, in the buildings on Place Rita St-Pierre in Victoriaville, and another location on Courval Street in the same city. The premises on rue Monfette are dedicated to the manufacture of wood: cutting, manufacturing of decorative occasional furniture and finishing. The location on Courval Street supports the manufacturing of wicker items and certain other contracts incorporating Styrofoam. The wooden boxes and wicker baskets used in the design of our company's baskets are the result of the patient work of these people.

This center includes a team of around thirty people with physical or intellectual limitations. The latter find validation in this occupation and break their social isolation in a friendly climate, like in a large family.

Each person works according to their personal abilities, an important element for the organization. The values ​​in place are mutual aid, sharing, pleasure and good humor. Despite the limitations of these people, the work is carried out meticulously and demonstrates know-how.

Our company O! PANIER is proud to collaborate with this organization and to promote the patient and dedicated work of these people by using the products created by them.

It is possible to visit the Bois-Francs Center for Physically Handicapped People on Courval Street in Victoriaville. People can, on site, purchase occasional and decorative furniture and various wicker items such as laundry baskets, etc. As you can see in the pictures.

If you need additional information, you can contact Madame Angèle Pombriand, whom we warmly thank for taking photos, at -1-819-752-6252



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